I have coined a new term. Well, at least I think I have coined it. At any rate, I am certain that in no time you will see it on the ‘Words to Watch For- 2007 edition’ list (if indeed there is such a thing…)

de*mom*i*fy [dee-mum-uh-fahy]

1. the process by which one cleanses oneself from all things ‘mom’ in order to rejuvinate and reenergize (when dad comes home from work, mom hands baby over and demomifies with a bath and a book.)
2. to take time out to remember that you are a woman, a person and not only a mom (on my way to work in the morning, I ritually demomify by turning off the Elmo Soundtrack, grabbing my briefcase instead of diaper bag, and fantasizing, in silence, that the minivan I’m driving is in fact a Hummer bought by my gorgeous rockstar husband.)

I have been fortunate in that I have not suffered from any post partum or serious baby blues. Part of the reason, I’m sure, is due to the fact that I do indeed demomify almost daily. Bal comes home from work, we eat dinner, I feed Kaya, and then I leave for an hour, sometimes even two. Usually I have a bubble bath where I just veg out (and perhaps daydream all things rockstar, winning the lottery- you know, the usual!) Sometimes I read the latest Macleans magazine, Chatelaine, or even, if I have the attention span to do so, a book (the secret here for a true demomifying experience, is to make sure it is not a parenting one!) Occasionaly I leave the house entirely, to go for a walk or a shop, no baby in tow.

And that’s all it takes. One hour. Two on a bad day. I always love my daughter. I even always love being at home with her. But for me, that hour by myself, it only helps me to be a better mom. It allows me to keep my sense of humour. It provides me with more energy. It lets me be me, in all it’s forms, for good or for bad. ‘Me’ before ‘mom’ was a pretty cool chick (moody or not!). ‘Me’ as ‘Mom’ is an even cooler chick. But just ‘Mom’ without the rest of ‘Me’ only does a diservice to my daughter. Phew, am I rambling or what?!

Anyways, my blogging (another form of demomifying!) time is done. Kaya should be waking up from her nap anytime and we are headed out for a walk in the westcoast winter rain!

Til the next demomifying time…


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