Courtesy of The Odd Mix.


After a week of being all bundled up in the -10 degree Celsius weather, the sun shines through the window and Kaya kicks wild and free.


Contrary to popular belief, not all Canadians have frozen ponds to skate on in their backyard. So it was a magical day when we decided to go for a hike near our house and found a thickly frozen lake. Off we ran, onto the ice, with our shoes, our dog and Kaya snugly cuddled in her stroller. We were there to play. Father and son, seen here, not only had a ton of fun, but Dad taught his son, through hockey, the values of hard work and dedication.


3 thoughts on “Canadiana

  1. What fun! No frozen lakes around where I live. We get some cold weather, but nothing lasting long enough to freeze any lakes over.

  2. Moody, those are two of the most beautiful pictures I have ever seen ((Hugs)). I just luv luv luv babies! And the picture of hubby & son playing together? That is absolutely priceless!! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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