Randomly Delicious

I have a cold. Which means I have a short attention span. Thus, this post of random ditties.

1. Does anybody else notice that the Blog-o-Blahs seem to be going on? Everybody seems to be posting excuses as to why they’re not posting or are just plain ol’ blah. I haven’t caught it yet but fear I’m in for the upcoming February funk.

2. Behold the Baby Bunion (not to be confused with ‘bunyon’ a painful, inflamed swelling of the big toe!) No, this Bunion is the much feared union of babies as they unite and partake in a collective nursing strike. Yes, Kaya decided to scream every time it was time to feed. I could only fool her by giving her a soother, getting up and dancing with one boob hanging out, slip out the soother and slip in a boob. Catch that one for Funniest Videos!

3. If you can not stomach Barney’s I Love You or any bland nursery rhymes that don’t even make any sense (and not in a fun nonsensical sort of way) than I discovered singing songs from the Grease Soundtrack work wonders! Summer Lovin is by far the best, and oh the voices you can create…

4. Wine! I had a full glass of wine with my pasta last night. Sweet, sweet glorious wine oh how I have missed you through the 9 months of pregnancy and 3 while nursing.

5. A 3 year old boy came running up to me in the library yesterday yelling “I am Slide Man! I am Slide Man!”

“You’re Slide Man?” I question with a smile.

“No,” blurts his mother while barely holding back rolling her eyes, “He’s Spiderman.”

“Oh, of course.” I laugh while the mother looks unamused. “I should have known with that big Spiderman logo on his tshirt. Duh.” The mother simply stares with what can only be a look of ‘Duh is right’ on her face. I would be annoyed at her being annoyed with me except that she has a very rambunctious 3 year old (who proceeds to run the length of the library screaming “Spiderman falls down on his bum!” numerous times until jumping and landing on his own bum. Then he cries.) and a 6 month old that she is carrying and has also started to cry. So instead of getting annoyed, I just smile, forget anymore small talk, and… (please proceed to #6)

6. I dream about how freakin cool ‘Slide Man’ would be! Whipping out tin slides, wrap around slides, snow slides and au natural waterfall slides in a single ‘Swoosh’! Great for a quick escape, a subtle drop, or to send the evil Swinger for a long, perilous ride. Had my turn in line not come up, Slide Man’s theme song would sure have been to follow…

7. I can’t wait for new episodes of Heroes to start.

8. Anyone watch ‘How I met your Mother’ last night? Robin can not say ‘I love you’ so instead blurts out ‘Falafel!’ Which made me snort laugh because it brought me back (waaaaaayyyy back) to when Bal first told me he loved me. Well sort of.

I left the bar but Bal stayed behind. I got home and he phoned me to make sure I made it home okay. He is wasted and ‘When I come Around’ by Green Day or some such song is blaring in the background. Then he says it. Well sort of.

“I lah…”

“What?” I say. “I can’t hear you. The music is too loud.”

“I LAH…” he yells but stops abruptly as one of his buddies stops for a chat.

Eventually he said the full thing. (Eventually meaning a few days later) First I made fun of him endlessly for his drunken I lah. In the end, we reversed the I Lah into Hali and still use it often to this day (11 years later).

8. There’s a restaurant named Chinese Laundry. Who would eat there?

Random Ditties Done


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