Eagle Spirit

Courtesy of The Odd Mix.

Amidst a fork in the road lies a sullen and intimate cemetery. Not a soul would question us had we driven right on by. The morning sky is dull and uninspired. Droplets of the incessant rain from the previous night hang precariously on every branch, every leaf, every bush. Everything is wet. Everything is bleak. Including this first glance at the cemetery.

There are fewer than 20 graves here. Half have a simple tombstone. Half simply bears a barren wooden cross. There are no flowers adorning any of them. Yet as we drive by, something pulls me to shift in my seat and look back. A flash of vivid, almost blood-like, red appears where before had only been soaking wood and green moss covered trees. We approach the fork and instead of carrying on from where we came, we turn down the second fork. Here we are treated with an opposing view of the same cemetery.

Still small. Still bleak. Except for one thing. An imposing figure, standing tall and fierce at the top left of the plot of land. A totem pole. A strong, commanding carving that I can only assume is a memorial totem. The powerful red I had witnessed, accompanied by an equally vivid green and yellow, comprise an impressive carving of an eagle, a bear and possibly a man. Immediately I sense that this was a greatly admired and respected man, probably the village’s Chief. Here he stands, tall and mighty, still watching over his people. And while I am certain his descendants are comforted by his spiritual power and presence, I am also quite certain that they are missing the man very much.


It is fitting that both of my pictures are Eagle related as it is the Eagle gathering time in my community right now. Every year, hundreds, often thousands, of eagles arrive between November and February to feed off the annual salmon run up the local rivers. Since there is nothing particularly mysterious about the eagle and why they come, I used my recent Curves tutorial that I am trying to learn in Photoshop to alter one of my eagle pictures into something much more dark and mysterious. You can see the original picture here.


3 thoughts on “Eagle Spirit

  1. Very, very cool. I love both pictures. That totem pole is really fascinating though.

    Bald Eagles have slowly migrated to this area. I saw my first one ever last summer down at the local park. He didn’t hang around long.

  2. I have never seen an Eagle in the wild but sure would like to. Your pictures are so wonderful. I like both of the Eagle pictures in fact. Welcome to WWC!

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