Korean Stationary in all it’s fantastic confusion and hilarity.
So it is lame I know but it is a new year and I resolve to lose weight. I’ve actually never dieted before nor been on an official exercise program. But there is baby weight to lose! 50 kilos, yah, a wee bit drastic. I have plateaued at about 15lbs over my pre-baby weight. Actually, a plateau is quite the accomplishment after all the cupcakes, pumpkin scones, butter tarts, peanut butter cookies, smarties, cheesecakes, cheese, cheese and more cheese and pie with ice cream or(and) whip cream that I have consumed in the last few weeks. That should gross me out I suppose. Really, it just makes me crave some goat cheese with all dressed chips and some red wine. Sigh.

So today I begin, with a cold and all, a walk/jog/run program with daily crunchies (not munchies I remind myself…) and healthy eating (okay, I confess, I had to finish off the last cheese bagel spread generously with cream cheese this morning!!) but I’m starting now. Really, NOW!

But what about the face?” you ask?

The face, take it or leave it you vanity obsessed arseholes, remains the same (less a few cookie crumbs and whip cream on my chin).


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