Worse than Chinese Water Torture…

Sit in a parked car with a baby strapped in her carseat in the back on your birthday while waiting for your significant other to make a ‘quick’ run into a coffee shop for a coffee and a delicious muffin or goodie only for said significant other to disappear for 30 minutes while said baby begins to whimper, then cry, then scream because she’s sick of her soother, there is no movement to lull her to sleep and she wants out of the straps yet you do not get baby out because that will cause even more screams and chaos once you have to put her back into said carseat once significant other returns (unless he abandoned us; a great possibility after 25 minutes with no sign and not answering cell phone)which you keep thinking is going to be any minute but any minute turns into 30 any minutes and that is a lot of minutes when a baby is getting upset and you do not know what to do and want to cry, run away and curl up in the fetal position all at the same time when finally, out of nowhere, significant other returns with a cold coffee, a bland scone and a grilled chicken sandwich that you did not want in the first place.


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