Today is my birthday.

Bal got me a card with a rickety ol’ mutt on the front saying:

“Old Fart my eye!”

Open the card and the same caricature inside retorts:

“That smelled like a fresh one to me!”

While Bal giggles away, I do not get it. I keep reading and flipping the card open and closed, open and closed. At first I pretend to get it and giggle too. I reread. Still, I don’t get it but the picture of the dog is funny. Then I read what Bal has written. It starts off:

“HAHA, I thought it was kind’ve fitting.”

Fitting? Old fart? Fresh farts?

Finally, slowly but surely, baby brain has processed. I get it. And true enough, both fresh farts and me the ol’ fart rings true.

Definately fitting.


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