Dull Dream

I had the boringest dream ever last night. I never thought I would long for the bizarre and obscure pregnancy dreams again.

I let Riley out for a pee. She came back in. Our sliding glass door has to be partially pushed down so it will latch and close to lock properly. So I did that in my dream. I push down, close, but no latch or lock. I re-open push down, close and still no latch. Again, push, close, no lock. I do it a dozen times. The dream ends. I wake up annoyed with a pounding headache.

Match that against a dream I had in the week before Kaya arrived. I found this in my journal the other day:

I dreamt that my mucous plug came out. I am confused and unsure so I go running to Bal. “I think my mucous plug came out!” I cry.

“Gross.” Bal retorts.

“I think so anyways. I’m not sure though!” I say all panicky.

“It may be my mucous plug but it also may be smoked salmon!”

I awake. Ummm… Okay then.


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