The Most Human of us All

Through the windstorm the other night, we lost power for about 4 hours. Bored without the tv, music or flashing Christmas tree lights to entertain us, we joked that we could be making a baby. Could, if we didn’t already have one, that is. Instead, we played Scrabble by candlelight.

Today our power was out for about 10 hours. From the moment we got up, Dog was in a frenzy. I couldn’t brew coffee or make toast, yet Riley got her breakfast. I had to pee in the pitch blackness of my bathroom, while she went outside in the light of day, as normal. We put on layers as it was cold, while her bed sat directly in front of the gas fireplace which produced heat for her but there was no fan to blow it to the rest of the room. Life for her, as far as I can tell, was as normal as ever. Yet she kept whining. She stuck directly beside me as I tripped over her and cursed loudly (25 cents deposited into the Kaya fund…) She whined some more and paced about.

Can you tell me, anyone, what the hell a dog needs power for?!


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