Bulgier than Bulge

Ignore my hand and her finger for just one moment and check out her bulge.

The bulge appears whenever she is angry or upset.

Today she got her first set of vaccination shots. Four of them. She was so horrified that the bulge between her eyes appeared only briefly since her entire head, instead, transformed into one giant bulge. It was horrible. It was ugly. It will happen all over again in 2 more months…

Now back to the hand and finger. This, I would proudly like to introduce, is Kaya’s first Paparazzi photo. She is not flashing her Wahoo a la Britney. Nor boozin’ it up like Lindsay. Nor being a ditz like Paris. No, my girl is simply pissed off. Sporting her ‘ugly face’ and fingering the photographer (sorry Dad, she picked up this nasty habit in utero while Mom drove in the city), we get to see the more miserable side of a normally smiley baby. Mom the bodyguard comes to the rescue ready to pummel the photographer who has ignored all the cute coo’s and giggles and smiles while waiting for the one moment of ugliness. He has succeeded and Kaya’s reputation is forever tarnished…

Unless, unless…

Could it be? Could ‘The Bulge’ really be a Super Power.

Yes my friends. We like to call it:

The Booby Magnet

Doo doo DOOO!!!

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