An Infants Rhyme

Kaya is 7 weeks old today. I just nursed her and then tried to read her a couple of books. She cried. Frusturated, I say to her “You always cry when I read to you! I want you to like books.” Then I look at her and notice her focused pooping face; lips pursed, face red, eyes squinting and bulge bulging. Laughing that I expect her to follow my reading at this stage, I give up and say “Sorry, you just want to poo!” At that, she smiles. So off the top of my head while she poos, I sing in my baby Kaya voice:

I like to poo
And so do you.
I like to pee
Hee hee hee!
I like to fart
Aren’t I so smart?
I like to burp
And give you a slurp.
These are the things that I know;
Bodily functions on the go.
I don’t care about Snuggle Puppies and Hug-a-Byes,
Mom, I don’t understand those lullabies!

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