Every weekend, several newsletters come through to my email informing me of Gidget’s developments in the upcoming week. They tell me it’s size, weight, growth and any new developments that every week make it look less and less like Skeletor.

Bal skims but rarely reads anything in depth so I often relay the news to him again.
“Gidget is 4 inches crown to rump today!”
“Why crown to rump? Why don’t they measure head to foot?” Bal wisely enquires.
“I don’t know. Cuz it’s all curled up I guess.”

Several weeks later, another newsletter comes.
“Gidget is almost 1 pound and is 8 inches this week!” I excitedly tell him.

Bal looks confused, furrows his brow, and then asks,

“Is that head to toe or…” he falters. He knows something is wrong but blurts it anyways.

“Or cranium to anus?”


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