Dream a Little Dream for me…

Ah yes, dreams. I have been bombarded with very vivid, very complex and very bizarre dreams.

Here are a few of my faves in condensed (and thus not so boring) format:

1. A full on musical production of my life! I like to think of it as “The Fab Frizz” musical. Loud, colourful, and everyone I seemingly have ever known singing, dancing and twirling to the songs of my life.

2. My gramma visiting me by dream to lecture me on my poor gardening abilities.
In the dream, she had left me a present before she died but I only just found it. It was an old Bounce box filled with little mini presents. It was semi-wrapped and scotch taped under the counter, above the garbage. I don’t remember the presents but the next thing I knew, a big tractor was pulling apart a tree in my backyard (except that it was the big tree that is in grammas backyard). The tree split in half and out poured all of these plants and flowers and colours and bulbs to be planted.
Meanwhile, my planter box remains empty as I keep remembering last years planting attempts and subsequent disaster…

3. I have had 2 dreams that baby is a boy. We’ll see…

4. Bal loses his job and comes to tell me at the river while I’m walking Riley and feeding baby. I’m upset and then I see Al Roker weedwacking. Bal goes over to ask Al Roker if he can get paid to weedwack for him.

5. Flying remote controlled chickens. Told that one before I think…

6. Making out with Bal in a huge pot of Chili (Gross I know!!!)


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