Doctor ChatterBox

I didn’t have a doctor before I was pregnant.

I hate doctors. I avoid them. I had not had my ‘yearly’ PAP in 3 years.

But now I have no choice. So I go to the only doctor in town who’s taking new patients. On the first visit, both he and I do not appear pleased that a PAP will have to be done. But it does.

I’ll spare the details but not the Doctors insights.

First, Doc sang. “Where is your cervix? Where oh where is the cervix? Ohhhh, there it is!”

He is in the Wahoo region now and will not stop talking. “Wow, yes, that’s a nice pelvis. Yes, really, excellent gynacological pelvic structure. Yup, you have a great pelvis. Good, good pelvis…”

I would have laughed outright if not for the intense fear that my laugh would have let out a little dribble of pee.


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