Time to Tell

Whether by phone, email or second hand, these are my fave reactions to the news:

Dustin email- Subject: HOLY FUCKER…..

Stacy- you knocked my socks off with that one… but in a way, despite your ardent denials of entering motherhood, I could see it coming.
(Ardent denials? When? Where was I?)


Sylvia- Well, it’s about time!- as your Gramma would have said (so true!!)

Grandpa- Mom gives Grandpa a beer, tells him to crack it open as there’s news to celebrate.
“You’re going to be a Great-Grandpa!”
“Wow. Robyn’s pregnant?!”
(ummm, hello, remember me? The oldest daughter? Not the daughter-in-law-to-be who is not even officially the daughter-in-law yet!!)

Jason and Michelle- A conversation
Michelle- “So, what’s new with you guys?”
Me- “I don’t know. Bal, what’s new with us?”
Bal- “Kari’s pregnant!”
Jason walks away ignoring this.
Michelle looks doubtful (as Bal did the same thing saying we were getting married when we weren’t)
Michelle looks at my face and her jaw drops 🙂

Kinz- “Yay!! I’m going to be an auntie! I knew it was coming!”
Me- “Really? How did you know?”
Kinz- “Well, you are, like, 30 years old…”


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