Baby Names

Bal picked up a baby name book at the bookstore and flips randomly through it. He stops on a page and the first name he sees is ‘Nimrod’. Nimrod? Who would ever be so evil as to name their child Nimrod. We laugh at the absurdity and leave the bookstore.
Later that same day I start dry heaving. “Oh lil Nimrod, please take it easy on me!” Our little embryo in there has since been named Baby Nimrod…

My baby book tells me I’ve hit a milestone today. Our embryo has officially graduated to a fetus! I also receive a newsletter that uses the term Pollywog. With the graduation comes a name change. Nimrod becomes Pollywog!

We are in another bookstore looking at baby name books again. Bal does the flip, stop and looks at the first name he sees. Gidget. That’s perfect! Our little baby is moving around these days in pure acrobat form and Gidget seems so fitting. We alternate between Pollywog and Gidget.

We promise to be much more forgiving when actually naming baby!
Balgasmel Jr anyone??

(Don’t get any ideas, it could be male or female!)


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