Snippets of Conversation

*Day after finding out we were pregnant and still with fuzzy brains*
Bal- “Let’s order Tropical Hawaiin Pizza.”
Me- “Does it have chicken?”
Bal- looks at me like I’m an idiot then replies, “Hawaiin- HAM and Pineapple.”
Me- “Oh yah! Duh. Okay, that sounds good.”
Bal on phone to Pizza Place- “Can I please order a Tropical Chicken Pizza?”

Thinking of names…
Bal- “How about Rayne?”
Me- “Are you freakin serious?”
Bal- “Yah, what’s wrong with that?”
Me- “Rayne? Ummm, no.”
Bal- “What? It’s not like ‘rain’-rain.”
Me- “So it’s just the ‘Rayne’ that sounds exactly like “rain”.”
Bal- “Ummm, yah.”
Me- “Ummm, no.”

Another day and somewhat out of the blue, I say, “Jacob?”
Bal freaks out. He sounds mean and gruff and very un-Bal like. “Who the fuck is that?”
“A baby name…” I whisper because I don’t know why he’s mad.
“Oh,” he says, “No.”
Then we both laugh hysterically because he has no idea why he reacted like that.

Me- I reserved our campsite for the summer.
Me again- I changed the doctors appointment to 3:50pm
Bal- Sweet. You’re on a roll. Did you reserve paint yet?
Me confused- What the hell does reserving paint mean?
Bal- You reserved camp and docs so thought you could reserve paint so I could start this weekend. Get it?
Me- That so wasn’t funny.
Bal- Yes it was.
Me- No, it wasn’t.
Bal- Yah, I know, but I’m on a pregnancy high.
Me- Now that is funny!


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