Pre-Trial Trying- June 2005

I’m ovulating and we’re going camping. It’s perfect! The great outdoors, fresh air, roaring fire and gorgeous scenery.

Too bad about the bone-chilling cold, endless rain, body odour and mosquitos.

Not to mention my subconcious are-we-really-ready-for-this anxiety. I consider this after throwing a hissy fit for no particular reason that I can recall. I storm away from the fire and furiously zip the tent door closed behind me.

As I sit there, cold, alone and pathetically pouting, I realize two things.

1. It is not possible to slam shut a zipper door. A zipper zips. Whether fast, slow, ferociously or quietly, it always just zips. I must have looked like an idiot.

2. I’ve had 2 beer and have not peed yet. Plus I need an outhouse buddy. I am so going to look like an idiot as I crawl back out.


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