A Voters Cry

It’s election day tomorrow and one thing comes to mind:

“Lies! It’s all Lies!”

Surprisingly, this sentiment had absolutely nothing to do with politics when it was first expressed. Instead, it was bellowed by a rather large, fed up Spaniard on a 10 day Amazon trip nearing an end. Although we had seen some amazing things throughout our trip, by day 9, we had experienced broken boats, nowhere to sleep one night, inadequate gear, lost guides and rain.

And not just rain, but unrelenting Rain-God-unleashing-her-fury-as-droplets-the-size-of-fists-fall-down-upon-us type rain. Amazon rain. With no cover or shelter to escape to.

After numerous failed attempts to find us lodging, cover ups about broken boat parts, and bypassing parts of the tour to backtrack for gas and more supplies, we had lost all faith in our guides. Then our overland vehicle, taking us back to civilization, got lost. We were told we were stopping at a genuine ‘cloud forest’ community but I would not be surprised if it were a genuine Sendero Luminoso (Shining Path guerrillas) stronghold instead. It looked dodgy. It felt dodgy.

An uprising of our own soon began, us against the guides, as we tried to get to the truth. That’s when the Spaniard in our group, who had spoken almost no English to the rest of us the entire trip and could understand everything the guides were saying, backed up our suspicions by yelling loud and clear in perfect English,

“Lies! It’s all Lies!”

To this day, his bellowing voice enters my head when I don’t believe. It came in my head when Bals company got bought out and they were told all their jobs were safe. It came in my head when Brad Pitt denied having an affair with Angelina Jolie. It came in my head when I told myself I would start running every morning before work.

And it will be in my head tomorrow as I stare at the ballot at the polling station.

Stephen Harper promises tax cuts without compromising healthcare or education. Paul Martin promises an end to corruption and the start of a new, transparent government. Jack Layton promises former Liberal voters that by voting NDP, you are not essentialy voting the Conservatives in. Of course, to all of it I say:

“Lies! It’s all Lies!”

Happy Voting.


One thought on “A Voters Cry

  1. Hmmm… That’s the usual for politics. Vote, you lose. Vote not, you lose as well.

    Hi, I don’t see how moodier you are than myself. And my best regards to you.

    Just kinda interested in this post cos I’m interest in political field, somehow.

    Do drop by and chat abit, hence establishing a link between us over miles apart. That’s the beauty of internet cos you’d have friends and minds coming together all at ease behind a screen. 😀

    Regards. And stay happy!

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