Damn that Perfidious Spam

We are all accustomed to SPAM nowadays aren’t we? Sensitized to its mass vulgarity, we simply see and delete.

Subject: Viagra Plus! DELETE

Subject: Penis Enlargement DELETE

Subject: WebCam Adult Dating-Free! DELETE

Subject: Herbal Boob Enhancement DELETE

Subject: Perfidious Middle Aged Dame HOLD ON A MINUTE!

Did that just say Middle Aged Dame? Since when was I that demographic? Middle-aged. Dame. Is my email on the middle-aged list? Am I going to start getting spam on shiny red convertables, gardening and back pain medication?

And what exactly is perfidious? Maybe, although I have my doubts, it counteracts the middle-aged part. So I google it.


per·fid·i·ous (pr-fd-s) adj.
Of, relating to, or marked by perfidy; treacherous.

Excuse me? Now, not only am I a middle-aged dame, but I am a treacherous middle-aged dame? Treacherous!

I can no longer resist. I double click.

An online dating service appears with pretty teenagers snuggling. I immediately feel better. I am in a commited relationship. I don’t need this. This is not for me! My significant other will vouch for me. He will tell you I do not need to date. Nor am I middle-aged. No, he will be happy to tell you that I am holding strong as a young woman still.

A perfidious young woman.


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